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Photovoltaics is "booming" in Bangladesh

27 October, 2014

A solar revolution is underway in the country. 5 years now 15 million people benefit from the domestic photovoltaic

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PV: Enertronica wins contract in Eritrea

25 October, 2014

Awarded the construction of a solar park equipped with an innovative battery storage for a value of 1 million Euro

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War of photovoltaics, two weeks to negotiate peace US-China

24 October, 2014

The latest rumors say that the matter will be resolved, like what happened between Beijing and Brussels, by introducing a minimum price for the Chinese photovoltaic modules sold in the US market

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In England it designs environmentally friendly solar power plant

23 October, 2014

Two British companies a new responsible approach to reducing, where possible, the environmental impacts of the construction of a solar plant

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