Thanks to highly qualified personnel with experience in the field of alternative energy, ALISEO GROUP Srl can offer to the customers a big range of professional, specialized and high-tech services, such programs of:

  • Ordinary Maintenance;
  • Preventive Maintenance;
  • Corrective– Extraordinary maintenance;

Maintenance activities relating to plant are made using special periodic inspections agreed and following checklist provided by the client. These maintenance services with scope to maintain the operational capacity of the system and its efficiency, by carrying out the necessary corrections and verifications.

So they are under our attention the following components:

  • Fixed and mobile metal structures ;
  • Electrical and generation components;
  • Electrical panels in DC, AC, LV, Aux, Inverter, etc .;
  • Frames & Cells MV;
  • Power Transformers MV / LV;
  • Prefabricated cabin, etc .;
  • Weather Stations;
  • Monitoring systems;
  • Substations HV / MV;
  • General work (mechanical and electrical) Retrofit;
  • Checks, Testing and commissioning of  systems;
  • Electrical measurements as: measures of performance equipment (transformer, inverter, PV panels, etc.), insulation, also earth, oscilloscope, network analysis, etc.;

Also we take care of all civils works as:

  • The maintenance of the green;
  • The maintenance of drainage systems;
  • The maintenance of streets and roads;
  • The maintenance of access and any fences, limitations, boundaries, etc .;
  • The cleanliness and order of technical places, etc .;
  • Waste disposal plant;

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