Safety & Security

Preventive security is the best use of all available resources, combined to the professionalism of our men and to  the resources that technological progress makes available to us. In this view Aliseo Group srl looks very carefully all the technologies that the market offers every day. Our aim is to design the best solution according to the demands of our customers. We are so constantly looking for innovative technological systems that allow us to create tailor-made services for our clients.


ALARM SYSTEMS: Engineered based on the characteristics of the sites to be protected, they use new detection systems dual technology (infrared and microwave) with anti-masking functions.
Are operated by new intelligent control units that keep constantly under control the operation of the sensors and have the ability to discern different types of alarm signals and different environments.


VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS: Latest advances in technology are of great support to prevention  and intervention activities. A set of cameras, now highly intelligent (possibility of recognition objects,automatic zoom following an event, the mechanical movement for tracking, pre-alarm, etc), is managed by VCRs designed specifically for this sector with the possibility of sending the images to software for analysis and management of them. The vision and image management can be locally  controlled or sent to our operations centers.


OPERATING CENTERS: Latest generation can communicate with multiple systems simultaneously (GSM, GPRS, ADSL, Radio, Telephone Line) with the devices installed at our customers: in this way guarantee greater security of transmission of the alarm signal as well as the transmission of a larger amount of information, enabling us to filter out false alarms or more accurately identify the type of alarm or area in question. Our System Operations Centre  is based on Client-Server system entirely programmed in Linux, it is designed with multiple layers of protection, control and mirroring to ensure operation in any situation.

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