A wind power plant consists of a group of wind turbines of medium (600-900 kW) or large (> 1 MW) size, placed on the territory in order to better exploit the wind resource site; wind turbines are electrically connected through an underground conduit. In the wind power plant is associated a cabin-delivery station, which in turn is connected the national electricity grid.


The wind turbines consist essentially of a ship or “gondola”, supported by a metal structure, that it is connected a rotor; the rotor is constituted by blades mounted on a hub and designed to subtract from the wind part of its kinetic energy, to transform it into mechanical energy. When the wind blows the rotor rotates and in turn drives the electric generator, through a the overgear, which has the function to transform the mechanical energy into electrical energy.


From the rotor, the wind's kinetic energy is transmitted to a current generator connected to control systems, and processing such as to regulate the production of electricity and the possible connection in the network. The electricity produced in the nacelle is conveyed to the ground through electrical cables; always are sent to the ground through appropriate cables the signals necessary to control the correct operation of the wind turbine.














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