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ALISEO GROUP S.r.l. arises from the confluence of consolidated business experience, in the areas of the environment, energy, plant engineering, industrial and civil "turnkey".
The company provides construction, maintenance, engineering and consulting activities, through to qualified technical skills gained in various sectors and public and private entities. It is proposed as a key figure in the field of "Global Service".


The promoters of the project, have operated successfully in the areas of their respective origin, General Construction, Engineering, Consulting and Business Communication, Relationship marketing and Environmental, concerning  large scale and various complexities works. such as making multiple central energy production from renewable sources and varied kinds, hospitals, airports, rail transport, shopping centers, industrial enterprises of various kinds and sizes.


Our collaborators have grown as a Project Managers and highly skilled manpower, following all the types of plant engineering, acquiring an important knowledge of various operational issues business, acquiring an important knowledge of various business  operational issues. The spirit with which the company is on the market of renewable energy and not only, inspired by the fundamental values of life and its respect, "Use good resources today without compromising the chances of survival for future generations", our guiding principle is to create value through the sharing of productive paths, proactively involving other collaborators with the intention of creating a flying growing, also creating job opportunities for other subjects. With this motivation started our business plan,  with the aim to grow and expand without constraints in all areas that require and are looking for quality, professionalism, competence.


The current structure is very flexible, with few fixed costs and almost all variable costs, as human resources are hired in proportion to the needs, but with the foresight to create a group motivated and stable group for the future, around which the new Human resources can be developed for future security. The specific areas where Aliseo Group operates are: plant production of energy through renewable sources, oil, petrochemical and gas, but also to traditional power plants, type combined cycle, traditional industries, civil services as hospitals, railway stations, air terminals, water treatment, and more generally all those works that require maintenance and a global service.

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