Quality & Safety

Quality and Safety - The center of our service

ALISEO GROUP S.r.l. follows and implement reviews strict procedures to ensure quality and safety  always at the highest levels.


We take preventive security measures such as:

  • Preservation of adequate conditions, order and cleaning of workplace;
  • The use of appropriate toolholder to avoid falling objects during the manual manipulation of the instruments of work;
  • The use of specific instruments based on the activity to carry out, its preservation in good condition and its conservation in places where they are not a source of risk.
  • The application of the 5 Golden Rules: Border, Dissecting, Lock, Measure and Place to Land.
  • The obligation and the duty of employees to review their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before starting each job.
  • Using equipment and electrically insulated tools to prevent short circuits in electrical work;
  • Using lifts that allow you to carry out work at height in safely;
  • Using lighting devices that allow to work in optimal conditions of visibility;


ALISEO GROUP S.r.l. operates in a context work classified as HIGH RISK, rispecting the lgs. 81/08.

Our technicians are constantly under siege medical, educational and informative, following several specific training courses such as:

  • work at high altitudes and use of the descender device;
  • Use of access systems and positioning with ropes;
  • Works Electrical PES, PAV, PEI;
  • Fire Safety officer;
  • Safety officer first aid;
  • Basic training Art. 37 Leg. 81/08
  • Information Art. 36 Leg. 81/08

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