Steam Cleaning



Because the form of steam, the water has a cleaning power that the detergents most modern fail to match.
Sprayed at high temperatures, effectively removes dirt deposited on surfaces and in the inner parts, thoroughly degreasing metal parts and mechanical.

The steam makes cleaning of natural type is able to kill germs, bacteria, and dust mites, in a much more effective than any other chemical substance, moreover potentially toxic or aggressive.

Who uses steam takes care about the environment. Use steam means not pollute:

  • Do not generate wastewater whose disposal is difficult and expensive
  • Do not use chemical coughs / harmful products
  • Does not generate toxic waste / harmful such as absorbent paper



We use steam because it has an immense cleansing power. Because it is better, faster and more efficiently than any chemical agent.

Our method is very simple: the water is brought to a temperature between 150°C and 185 ° C: it creates dry steam which is then provided on the external surfaces, internal and in the parts subject to the formation of dirt or liquid spills.

When the steam is transformed, the water is free of all minerals and returns pure. Thanks to Aliseo Group technology, the steam generated  becames a formidable cleaning gas power.

Due to the high temperature, the steam acquires a strong degreasing, that keeps surfaces clean longer over time, leaving surfaces and gears clean from mounds of dirt and scale,  thus ensuring a good and lasting operation of each part of the plant.

The vapor is able to hit all the points, even the less accessible, that are difficult to reach with traditional methods.

Using the steam can save water significantly.  Turning into steam the water in fact multiplies its volume and its power of cleansing.


Moreover, in the presence of large spills of oils and fats is possible to suck and then recover in a separate container, as much material as possible, before proceeding to cleaning with steam.





Steam because it is sustainable: a new ultra modern technology that aims to promote the optimum use of water for cleaning large generation facilities clean energy.
Steam because it is ecology: with the use of eco-friendly detergents, with the steam does not generate wastewater whose disposal would be difficult and expensive.
Steam because it is innovation: our team investing constantly in research and development of new products and services, that satisfy exhaustively the needs of owners and operators of wind farms.

  • Cleaning and interior finishes such as wind towers, electrical substations MV / LV substations HV / MV, PV panels etc .;
  • Recovery oils spills and sanitation;
  • Interventions and cleaned out with ropes;



  • Circuits of thermal fluids;
  • Boilers; pyro tubes, water tubes;
  • Circuits of refrigeration;
  • plate heat exchangers;
  • Cooling towers;
  • Pipelines of fluids;
  •  Central Electric Fireplaces.


  • Dry cleaning of pipes;
  • Descaling of pipes and surfaces through Steam;
  • Cleaning of pipes and pipelines;
  • Autoclave;
  • Exchangers structure - pipe.

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