Internal ispection



ALISEO GROUP S.r.l. IS always attentive?? (NON MI PIACE) to the REQUIREMENTS of its customersis able to perform also all those activities related to your system, such as those of the inspection, is based on our experience, both on direct presentation of that customer following their own checklist.

In this regard we take care, within our Business Divisions, for example:

  • Ropes;
  • Lifelines;
  • ifts and elevators of wind towers;
  • Wear Inspection mechanical parts in general;
  • Test of oils and lubricants;
  • Control fiber wind blades and lightning arrester system;
  • Checks and tests on generators and power units in general;
  • Checking foundations, ferrules wind, mechanical stability in general;
  • Integrity Nacelle;
  • Yaw system,
  • Gearbox;
  • Hub;
  • Hydraulic braking;


And more:

  • Electromechanical Equipment General Industrial;
  • Fireplaces of traditional Power Plants;
  • And much more;


Our experienced consultants are able to carry out targeted inspections and evaluate the best solution to your every need.

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