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From wind power in 2030 almost one-fifth of the world's

27 October, 2014

GWEC and Greenpeace International published by the biennial report that examines the status and future prospects of wind energy

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Wind off shore, source to be exploited but assessing their impact

20 October, 2014

In assessing the feasibility of a wind farm marina you must include in-depth studies of the species that frequent the area

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The wind? AND 'cheaper than gas, nuclear or coal

14 October, 2014

The energy production of the wind farms on the ground is far more economical than that from fossil fuels if the sum of the costs are taken into account environmental and health costs

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Ukraine in crisis tip on wind energy

13 October, 2014

After tensions with Russia and the interruption of gas supplies, Kiev has to break the deadlock. The idea is to win the challenge with wind and renewable

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