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Solar energy from Tunisia to the British Isles

21 October, 2014

( – From North Africa to the UK, via Italy. It is the way the solar energy provided by an ambitious plan to a group of investors seeking government funding of Cameron. According to estimates, around 2.5 million British homes could be served by the Tunisian sun by 2018. The company involved in the operation claims to have already spent 10 million euro in the development of the project, which has name TuNur. It is a partnership between the investor in renewable English Low Carbon, the developer Nur Energie and some investors Tunisians. The aim is to bring 02.25 gigawatts of energy from the south of Tunisia across the Mediterranean and a piece of Europe, until you come across the Channel.


The company engaged in the project for three years has collected data on site, the desert in the southwest of the African state, and claims to have made them go through an independent review. The land was also prepared by the local government, given that there was a parliamentary vote that established the facilitation of energy exports. Since the first land they will land the power generated by the plant will be a Tunisian beach Italian, it was also signed an agreement with Italy that has provided, through Terna, to pull a dedicated submarine cable that comes out of Rome.

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